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Bench Managers

The Bench Manager is responsible for keeping the bench strength thick, which is indeed a cumbersome task. With Hotlistpro, all you are required to do is to upload your hotlist and then receive instant alerts for the jobs that matches your profile. You can get in touch with the recruiters on an instant basis. You can easily search for jobs that matches the availability of your bench and express interest in just a mouse click.

Staffing Vendors and Recruiters

You can establish connections with hiring managers as well as bench managers. We provide a single and smooth platform to help the recruiters get an easy access to the jobs as well as candidate database.

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Hiring Managers

You simply have to post your job ad and we will make it visible to maximum candidates. You will also get matching alerts for the new candidates who join our portal and matches with your job requirements. You can search our database to contact thousands of staffing vendors instantly. We leave no stone unturned to speed up your hiring procedure.


HotlistPro.com is a dedicated B2B hiring platform, where Staffing vendors, Bench Managers, Hiring Managers and Recruiters can share and search their hotlists and job ads. It can be accessed from any internet device including your computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

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