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  • No need to waste time in a mass mailing campaign to get jobs or hotlist.
  • Opportunity to interact with bench sales managers and recruiters on a live platform.
  • An easy search mechanism for contacting the potential candidates who match your job description.
  • Ample opportunities for searching for jobs in various industries and applying for the job that matches the consultant profile.
  • Post the job ads and get maximum visibility free of cost.
  • Easily share the hotlist amongst a number of recruiters for instant response.
  • One platform to get all the staffing vendors- hiring managers, bench managers and recruiters.
  • Reach all staffing vendors like recruiters, hiring managers and bench managers on one platform.
  • Live support from our team for round the clock assistance.
  • Easy to use website. The app is both mobile and web friendly.

Search Hotlist

At Hotlistpro, you can easily get in touch with a plethora of bench managers and staffing vendors who have a hotlist posted here. You have the opportunity to easily search for the consultants whose profile matches with your job requirements such as specific skills, location, expertise, availability and knowledge. You can contact the bench managers and the other vendors directly with just a mouse click and then ask for a detailed resume to take talks further.

Upload your hotlist
Upload your hotlist

Search Joblist

We provide you with the thousands of jobs posted by clients, vendors, recruiters and implementation partners in order to match the available consultant profiles. Hundreds of jobs are posted here on a daily basis. Select the consultants from the hotlist and then apply for that job in just a mouse click.

Share Hotlist

Are you worried as you are not having a vendor network? Don't worry when we are there! We have done everything for you and bring to you our vast network in just a click of the mouse. All you are required to do is, upload the hotlist you have prepared on our website and in a span of a few seconds, you can reach thousands of staffing vendors placed in different parts of the globe. We also provide you with the alerts of the matches which totally fit in your job requirements, each and every time you visit us. When you take our services, you are no more required to spam the staffing vendors with your hotlist every day and night. Also, you are no more required to post your job requirements on the various networking websites and waste time on irrelevant responses. We have done it for you! Take our services and spread the word to those who will also benefit from us!

Upload your hotlist
Upload your hotlist

Post Jobs

With us, you can gain the maximum value of each and every job you post. When you post jobs here, you get the reach of the maximum traffic of the staffing vendors. Once you post job at Hotlistpro, we immediately send auto alerts to the various consultants whose profile matches with your requirements. Also, you will receive an alert from us when vendors update the jobs matching with your profile. To speed up the process of hiring, we have come up with a chat facility.

About is a dedicated B2B hiring platform, where Staffing vendors, Bench Managers, Hiring Managers and Recruiters can share and search their hotlists and job ads. It can be accessed from any internet device including your computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

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