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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Hotlist Today?
Hotlist Today offers a platform which is dedicated towards B2B hiring. It is the hotspot where all the Staffing vendors, Hiring managers, Bench managers and Recruiters meet and search and share their Hotlists as well as job postings. The platform is fully cloud based and provides its services 24 X 7. The website can be accessed from anywhere at anytime, be it a computer, tablet, mobile phone or laptop.
2. How can we increase the response towards Hotlist?
1. Remain logged in to the application 24 X 7. This is because the vendors who remain online gain a higher response from recruiters in comparison to those who remain offline. When you remain online, the recruiters can get in touch with you on an immediate basis for the job openings.

2. You should add as many consultants as you can to your hotlist. For this, click on ' Add to Hotlist'.

3. To gain enhanced visibility on the Hotlist portal, refresh your hotlist on a regular basis; this way you will always remain on the top of the search. To refresh the hotlist, click on ' Manage Hotlist'.

4. Make sure to respond to the hotlist on an immediate basis. This is because the recruiters prefer working with the vendors who have a quick response strategy.

5. Your profile on the Hotlist Today portal should be complete with all details such as LinkedIn URL, phone number, Skype id and email id. Filling up all the details make the profile appear credible, thus enhances the chances of a better response. To complete your profile, click on 'Update your profile'.

6. Adding a number of fake consultants in your profile is a big NO. Only the profiles of genuine consultants will bring in great responses; the fake consultant profiles, on the other hand, will deter the responses.
3. How can we make sure to increase the job responses?
content- same as above- 2nd FAQ
4. I can't believe, that Hotlist Today does not charge anything. How is the cost managed?
Yes, we don't charge anything. Our services come with no cost and are totally free for every user. We don't have any hidden costs on our portal. You are not required to make use of your credit card. When we declare it as FREE, it is indeed FREE!!
5. What is the trick behind the no cost strategy?
Well, there is no trick! The services at Hotlist Today are 100% free. There are no hidden charges. All we are doing is taking efforts to make Hotlist Today a useful and fantastic portal. If in case, we decide at a later stage to add some costs for our services, we will suitably advise you well in advance.
6. Is Hotlist Today just like any regular internet job portal?
We say we are different and we prove we are different. Hotlist Today is a B2B dedicated portal. At our portal, the candidates are not supposed to search jobs by posting their individual profiles. We provide a platform for interaction of the vendors as well as managers who can share and search their Hotlist as well as job ads.
7. I forgot my password. How can I reset it?
The answer is simple. Click on 'Login' icon present on the top right of the landing page. There click on 'Login Problems' and punch in your email address which you use for Hotlist Today and click on 'Reset'. Then you are required to go to the email address account and check your email for more details. The necessary details will be sent to you via email.
8. I did not receive the requested password on my email. What is the next thing I should do?
Firstly, verify that you have entered the same email address in 'Login Problems' which you use to log in to Hotlist Today. The email id should be correct. The next thing you should do is, click on ' Help' icon present on the Home page and send a request for the new password.


HotlistPro.com is a dedicated B2B hiring platform, where Staffing vendors, Bench Managers, Hiring Managers and Recruiters can share and search their hotlists and job ads. It can be accessed from any internet device including your computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

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