System Architect

  • 2018March




    Kalamazoo , MI

    H1B EAD TN Permit Green Card US Citizen

    With In 7 Days


    6 Months

    Modelling tools, ER/Studio, CA Erwin, Visio, Troux, or Sparx EA, Denodo

    Less than 1 Years

    Job Description

    Job Title :                   System Architect

    Location :                   Kalamazoo - MI

    please share resume to

    • 7+ years of experience in IT, with a minimum of two years in information systems design.
    • In-depth experience designing and implementing information solutions.
    • Data/information modeling expertise at the enterprise level.
    • Experience with Modelling tools like ER/Studio, CA Erwin, Visio, Troux, or Sparx EA is required
    • Understanding of common information architecture frameworks (such as Zachman and FEAF).
    • Understanding of differences between relational modeling and object modeling.
    • Understanding of taxonomies and ontologies, as well as the challenges of applying structured techniques (data modeling) to less structured sources.
    • Understanding of metamodels.
    • Experience with Data Virtualization tools, such as Denodo or Composite, is a plus
    • Knowledge of Big Data technologies and solutions is a plus.
    • Knowledge of IMDBs like SAP HANA is a plus.
    • Exceptional interpersonal skills in areas such as teamwork, facilitation and negotiation.
    • Experience with various data mapping and information modeling techniques (such as data flow diagrams, entity-relationship diagrams, source to target mappings, or create/read/update/delete matrices) is required.
    • Excellent analytical and technical skills.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

    Excellent planning and organizational skills.

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