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    Devcare solutions

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    Dimondale,Michigan , Michigan (MI)

    Green Card US Citizen


    6 Months


    6-8 Years

    Job Description

    Position Description: 

    This analyst is responsible for the logical design and physical implementation of the applications, backups, disaster recovery, space allocation, object design and all other areas of database design, implementation, maintenance and construction. This includes database software configuration, database software installation and upgrades and supporting procedures and utility programs that run on servers for data processing and database updates. This position analyzes business processes and designs solutions through data modeling, process modeling, and event modeling techniques. They review requirements, design documents and write design documents when necessary. They will work with program/project managers, development managers, team leads and business area experts to provide estimates. This position will work closely with the Software Architect, Project Management, other database administrators (DBA)'s, Software Developers and Quality Assurance (QA) to coordinate product releases, data structure evolution, capacity planning and forecasting. They will be responsible for upgrading Structured Query Language (SQL) databases and applications to next supported level and move the applications and databases to the next levels, diagnose database and application performance issues and coordinate resolution with tech personnel, programming analysts, & software designers. This position will support multiple applications using a SQL/Server Database. MDOS has several red card applications that depend on SQL Server databases to be functioning correctly. There are vendor systems that the State hosts the SQL database – this position will work with vendors from time to time on support of their databases.

    Skill Matrix:



    Actual years

    Last Year Used

    experience as a SQL DBA on a large scale database.




    experience working with SQL database used by both front end web application and thick client.




    experience with SSIS and SSRS




    experience in database performance tuning.




    experience monitoring SQL databases, developing databases, troubleshooting issues, and setting databases up




    DBA role - not developer - for greater than 5 years





    +1 (614) 583-8755    
    Dwarakesh R     Data Analyst    

    DevCare Solutions was founded by highly experienced and a qualified team of Engineers. Our skillful engineers are inspired Microsoft Certified Solution Developers, Sun Certified Java Programmers, Mercury Certified Professionals and Certified Novell Admini   

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