Role of a junior/middle/senior Recruiter

Role of a junior/middle/senior Recruiter:

Based on the company's title, they are also called as IT Recruiter, Technical Recruiter, Sourcing Specialist, Principal Recruiter, Resource Manager, Talent Management - Recruiter, Head Hunter, Recruiter-Executive, and HR-Recruiter etc. Based on their experience/level/role, they are called as junior/middle/senior recruiters.

Recruiter is involved in end to end recruitment process and engages with accounts managers, candidates (consultants), HR team, immigration team, operations team, finance team etc. Recruiter has strong relationship with vendors, consultants. The success of a recruiter is about.

  • Methodologies to source a resume.
  • Submitting quality resumes as early as possible or almost immediately.
  • Excellent working relationship, ethical with everyone involved in end to end recruitment process and maintaining integrity.
  • Working independently, Team play and understanding management's vision.
  • Creating own database and to develop relationship with everyone.
  • Adapting to changing trends.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Works on the requirements from Accounts Manager and follows up with Accounts Manager to get additional requirements or new requirements.
  • Understands requirements and prepares to evaluate the candidate on recruitment perspective related to the requirement. Recruiter may also get additional details from the candidate, which may help recruiter to submit candidate for other requirements. In general, Technical Panel will evaluate the candidates on technical perspective. At times, recruiters who earlier worked with technical back ground will also evaluate candidates on the technical perspective.
  • Sources resume for external requirements (from client) or for internal requirements (from employer itself).
  • Sources resume on full time (w2-salary), (w2-hourly), 1099 or on contract (c2c i.e. corp-to-corp)
  • Speaks to the candidate at their convenient time. Explains about the requirements/company/client. Walks through the job description and skills needed. Also explains about offer letter terms, benefits, immigration process, interview process and how this job will be beneficial to the candidate on short term/long term aspects. If the candidate is 100% happy about the requirement, the recruiter starts the pre screening.
  • Updates the resume as per format, checks references and submits only TOP NOTCH/QUALITY CONSULTANTS to accounts manager.
  • Enters (records) the data in some documents for all submissions, which will be useful for recruiter, recruitment team etc.
  • Manage job postings, database and update it as and when required.
  • Follow up with accounts manager about the interview schedule and conveys the information to candidate/vendors. If the consultant is rejected by accounts manager, or if the requirement is closed by client itself, recruiter informs the candidate/vendors.
  • At times, recruiter co-ordinates if candidate has to take some screening tests.
  • If the candidate is selected
    • Follow up with HR department for documents to be sent to the vendor, consultants.
    • Follow up with HR department, if there is an immigration process.
  • If the candidate is hired by the client:
    • Recruiter warms up the consultant right from day one until the consultant is settled in client' workplace since Back Outs may happen at ANY TIME in recruiting. Conveys recruitment team, hr department, and finance department that candidate has started working with client.
    • Follow up with finance department, in case if there are any issues in salary or in payments.
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