Salary Range for Recruiter

Salary Range for a Recruiter:

When you join as a recruiter in USA, starting salary may be around $20,000 per year and as you get experience in recruitment field, you can get salary around $60,000 per year. Based on your experience, you may be promoted as a recruitment manager (managing few recruiters) or as a recruitment head (managing all recruiters/recruitment managers) and so on. Based on your experience and talent, your salary will proportionately increase beyond $60,000. With some companies the salary is a combination of base salary + variable salary.

Salary may be $60,000 and salary is split up into two components; Base Salary as $54,000$ and Variable Salary as $6,000. When recruiters achieve their target they will get their full salary ($60,000); If the performance is not good, then recruiters will be losing their variable salary and they will get only $54,000.

USA: Approximate Range: $20,000 to $60,000 + benefits + incentives per year

As a recruiter, you will get salary and benefits like joining bonus, vacation, holidays, workers compensation, relocation expenses, leave encashment, Health/Vision/Dental/ Life Insurance, 401k, Education Benefits, retirement plans etc.

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For recruiters, incentives are based on the number of closures (No of candidates hired) and margin (profit amount for each candidate). Each company has their own individual policy and we highlight some of the market incentive standards.

  • For each corp to corp closure, get a flat (250$ to 1000$) amount regardless of the number of the days that candidate has worked with the client. For tough requirements incentive amount may be more also.
  • For each corp to corp closure, the recruiter gets an incentive amount based on the gross margin amount (refer this link). For each $ of gross margin, they will be getting, 10% to 20% as incentive.
    • Example: If gross margin is $30 and incentive amount is 10% of gross margin, and if the candidate has worked for 1000 hours, then Incentive = gross margin *percentage of gross margin * no of hours worked = 30*0.10*1000=$3000. With some companies, there is a max cap on the incentive amount. They may set a cap that incentive is valid for only 6 months. In this situation, regardless of the hours, candidate has worked; recruiter will be eligible only for that 6 months period.
  • If the company has fixed some target, and able to do more closures than target, then incentive may be proportionately increasing, or may get some rewards and bonus.
  • For full time, usually get a flat amount or on percentage basis.
  • There may be a possibility to obtain both the recruiter incentive and sales incentive.
    • Example: Recruiter would have got the requirement from the client on his own, sourced the candidate and placed the candidate with the client.
  • For referring candidates, they get incentives, which are usually called as REFERRAL bonus.
  • For hiring new h1b or h1b transfer, they get incentives.($500 to $1000)
  • For some business development leads, they get incentives.

What is Resume Sourcing?

In few countries, companies have created a separate department called Resume Sourcing.

The main reason for creating resume sourcing department:

  • To get more productivity. Resume Sourcing personal and recruiter will be working on the same requirement. This will help the recruiting team to submit more resumes for each requirement.
  • To avoid night shift for the resume sourcing personal.
  • If it is US requirement, IT infrastructure can be properly utilized. If the office is a 10 seating capacity, 10 people can work in morning shift and 10 people can also work in the night shift.
  • Recruiters salary is more when compared to resume sourcing personal. So, Recruiter's time can be effectively used and overhead expense is reduced.

Resume Sourcing Salary:

At the entry level, resume sourcing monthly salary is INR 10,000 and for each year, they will get an increment of INR 5,000.

Role of Resume Sourcing Personal:

  • They are not involved in the complete end to end recruitment process.
  • They get the requirements from the Accounts Manager or Actual Recruiters through email or requirements will be stored in a tool or repository.
  • Their main role is to source the resumes and get preliminary information like Location, Availability, expected salary or rate from the candidate.
  • Then they share the information with the actual recruiters working on those requirements.
  • For USA Requirements, they work from 9 am IST to 6 pm IST or in the second shift from 2 pm IST to 11 pm IST and they source resumes.
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