How Clients (End Clients or End Customer) source resumes for hiring?

Publishing requirements in their own website/forums, announcement board, Cable TVs, Brochures, SMS campaigning, email campaigning, campus interview etc.

Searching their internal database (candidates detail is stored here), Internal database may be excel spreadsheets, or oracle/peoplesoft/sap database.

Buy, customize, implement, store resumes in Talent Management tools like CBIZ and then search resumes when there is a need. They can also store, retrieve resumes by paying monthly subscription to few talent management tools using Software-as-a-service (SaaS-Cloud Computing).

Buy database from third party vendors and search candidates based on their requirements.

Head hunting based on the info from blogs, employee's referrals, references from others, conference attendees, directories etc.

Target Hunting based on skill set, companies, location, colleges, OPT hiring, CPT hiring etc.

Publishing requirements as advertisements in search engines (,,, Newspapers, Websites, Forums, and Social Networks like Linked In (, Face Book (, Twitter (

Posting Requirements and sending the requirements to candidates by using international Job Portals like,,,, and local job boards, which may be good for that particular city/county/state/regions.

Flashing requirements in Google groups, yahoo groups.

Sending requirements to Staffing Companies (Tier1Clients). These staffing companies submit resumes to the organization and co-ordinate in the hiring process. On Full Time Basis, they collect a percentage of the employee's salary as their service charges. On Contract Basis, Tier1 clients add additional margin (difference between buy rate confirmed with candidate and sell rate confirmed to the clients).


Job Fair.
Hotlistpro offers a platform which is dedicated towards B2B hiring. It is the hotspot where all the Staffing vendors, Hiring managers, Bench managers and Recruiters meet and search and share their Hotlists as well as job postings.
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About is a dedicated B2B hiring platform, where Staffing vendors, Bench Managers, Hiring Managers and Recruiters can share and search their hotlists and job ads. It can be accessed from any internet device including your computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

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