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What is Hotlistpro ?

Hotlistpro offers a platform which is dedicated towards B2B hiring. It is the hotspot where all the Staffing vendors, Hiring managers, Bench managers and Recruiters meet and search and share their Hotlists as well as job postings. The platform is fully cloud based and provides its services 24 X 7. The website can be accessed from anywhere at anytime, be it a computer, tablet, mobile phone or laptop.

How much does Hotlistpro cost ?

Yes, we don't charge anything. Our services come with no cost and are totally free for every user. We don't have any hidden costs on our portal. You are not required to make use of your credit card. When we declare it as FREE, it is indeed FREE!

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HotlistPro.com is a dedicated B2B hiring platform, where Staffing vendors, Bench Managers, Hiring Managers and Recruiters can share and search their hotlists and job ads. It can be accessed from any internet device including your computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

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